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Job Matching

Our job matching service allows school to approach you as you look to further enhance your career.

We have found a mismatch in teachers trying to find jobs, and schools struggling to recruit due to a shortage of subject specialists or geographical shortages which means that some vacancies are difficult to fill successfully. This service aims to redress that mis-match.

The concept is simple. Just register for a free account with uked.careers (making sure you select that you are a candidate), add details about yourself – including your teaching career experience; the next role you would like to pursue; and the ideal general locations of the area you would like to work in – then we list and promote your online resume to school as they try to fill vacancies in their setting.

Key Information for teachers:

Schools will browse through our job matching lists, and ask us to forward a message onto you.  When we alert you, you have the choice to follow up the invite, or not.

No. You are in control of the information that is displayed. We understand that your current employer may want to keep you at their school, so be wary of the information which you do display. Adding key information about yourself is crucial, so ensure you highlight your curriculum strengths to allow other schools to invite you to apply for a position. You can easily edit/amend your resumé by clicking the ‘Member’ option in the menu, once you are signed in. Your e-mail information will remain anonymised.

Click ‘Register’ at the top of this page, and then ‘Post a Resumé’. Once you have added your information, we list your profile on our job matching list page, so schools or employers can scan through the information. If your information catches their eye, as they seek to fill a vacancy, they request (via us) that you contact them, as you may be interested in applying for a vacancy at their school. We will pass this message to you immediately, and then it is up to you if you wish to reply?

Not completely. Due to equal opportunity laws, you may be invited to apply for a new position at a different school, and it will then be up to you whether you apply through the normal process, or not.

For teachers, there is no fee for this service.

Once registered, or logged in, you can view all listings by clicking the button below.

Key Information for Schools:

The aim of this service, for your school, is for you to approach individuals listed to apply for potential vacancies at your school.

Schools are encouraged to maintain their own staff recruitment procedures, ensuring all legal requirements are honoured.

Each individual who uploads their information will be given a unique identification number. You can send a message to an individual via our contact form. We then forward the message to the candidate, and it is then up to them to respond or apply to your message. We guarantee to forward your message within 24 hours of receipt.

Subscribing schools can send 10 messages (per year) within their subscription, otherwise we apply an introduction fee of £45 for each request we process. This is a fully inclusive fee, and chargeable immediately, with payment accepted by PayPal, or via a School Purchase Order (SPO).

You can view all listings by clicking the button below.


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