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Frequently Asked Questions

Our job listing service is focused on promoting school vacancies via our websites and social media channels, driving potential applicants to your school website and more vacancy details. This cost-effective system is proving very popular with schools and applicants alike as our eye-catching promotional notifications through Twitter, Facebook and our concise e-mail bulletin.

We are also developing a job-matching service, that allows potential employers contact teachers on our database, inviting them to apply for positions which become vacant within the school. This service is free for individuals. If a school is interested in approaching an individual, they contact us, and we pass on the details to the individual. It is then up to the individual to reply back direct to the school, therefore maintaining confidentially.

What are the benefits of advertising my school vacancies with UKEdChat?

Not only are the jobs listed on the website, but we also actively promote the vacancies through our extensively respected Social Media Channels. Currently, we tweet out to 65,000 teachers, students, and educationalists (we have never purchased followers, and our growth has been consistent since the Twitter account was opened in 2010). We also add positions to our Facebook and Instagram communities, scheduling promotions to ensure teachers stumble across teaching vacancies as they browse through their Social Media feeds. 80% of our social media followers are UK based.

Our weekly reach consistently hits the 24.4 million mark (figures provided independently), and you are able to track how many people visit the job description page, tweeting interactions, and indications on how many people are directed to your website*.

So why is it so cheap?

That’s simple. Our overheads are low. We don’t have plush offices in London (or anywhere else), and our staff work remotely. Our focus is to save your school money, whilst providing a top quality service. No strings. It’s quite simple really.

How long does it take to get the vacancy listed and promoted?

We aim to offer a fast and efficient service. Once the job has been received, our average time to get jobs listed is currently 60 minutes after instructions have been received and correctly completed. We appreciate how important getting the job listed is for you, so it is also our priority to get it promoted.

Why do jobs need to be listed on the UKEd.Careers website?

All jobs need to be added to this website as it has been tested to be mobile (Smartphone) friendly and working with all Internet Browsers. Also, all jobs feed through to the free UKEdChat app, so the thousands of teachers who have downloaded the app get alerts when jobs are added. It’s all about maximising the audience for your vacancy.

Do we need a Twitter Account?

No. Although if you do, we include your school twitter account within our promotional tweets. As a result, you are able to track how many people are re-tweeting and/or favouriting the vacancy. This is viewable via ‘notifications’ on twitter.com. We now offer schools the option to create and develop an online presence via social media. Click here if you would like more information about this.

What have other schools said?

We’ve popped various feedback comments we have received at the top of this page, with opinions from headteachers who have used our service has been very positive. One HeadTeacher commented that they had never received so many applicants for a teaching position during their tenure, thanks to listing with UKEdChat, and another commented how fast and efficient the service was, with a record number of visits to their school website thanks to the links from UKEdChat.

Where are the jobs listed?

All jobs listed are placed together here (click this link to view), but each job then has its own dedicated details page. We continually promote jobs from our Social Media networks, so teachers spot them as they scroll through timelines. If your school has a Twitter Account, we will add the account into tweets so you can see the promotions and interactions. Jobs are archived on your closing day. All jobs are also listed in our weekly e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and now also on the free UKEdChat Smartphone app. Click here for more information.

We’re not on Twitter – Does it matter?

Not at all. We do much much more than our social media activity. If your school is interested in getting onto social media, we can help (click here to contact us about this), but it is not a requirement.

What is the recruitment rate for advertising with UKEdChat?

We do not keep figures for this, as our focus is directing potential staff to the job listing and for you to keep the management of recruiting – it is also impossible for us to ask, but encourage schools to ask applicants directly.

Can jobs be listed in the UKEdMagazine?

Of course, but publication deadlines dictate we need these details a few weeks in advance. Full details are available from the Magazine Editor.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at jobs@ukedchat.com,

or phone 0330 330 4673.

Our priority is to help you reduce the costs associated with traditional means of advertising for teaching / leadership staff vacancies.


UK Telephone: 0330 330 4673

E-Mail: jobs@ukedchat.com


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