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At the Interview by @LeadingLearner

Over the past thirty years I’ve sat both sides of the interview table; seven times being interviewed, five times successfully, and literally hundreds of times interviewing people. In reality I’ve interviewed so many people over the years that the “hundreds” is a bit of a guess. There isn’t a tick list formula or set of behaviours to be turned on

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The Snakes and Ladders of a Teaching Career

Slithering up the (sometimes) greasy ladder as a teacher can certainly be an adventure with many obstacles, opinions and thoughts of self-doubt all lining up to obstruct you from taking the next step on the rung. We are often faced with many pieces online, often offered in good faith by colleagues, leaders, columnists and hidden in various corners of the

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Time to hand in your notice? 5 Tips

For most teachers, you can’t just quit the job – you have to politely give a full term’s notice notice before the reins of your current school are released, and you’re free to move to the next level of your career – whether that is within or outside the educational sector. Whatever the reasons for taking your next step, writing

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10 Sure Signs you Need a New Teaching Job!

Are you stuck in a rut in your current school? Has the job changed that much that you really don’t enjoy the work any more? You may just need to reinvigorate the challenge of teaching by seeking out another position in a different school. We took a light-hearted look at the possible signs of you needing to move schools to reignite

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The Perceived Teacher Recruitment Crises in England

There has been much discussion and concern recently about a perceived teacher recruitment crises striking in England. At the time of writing, a Parliamentary Select Committee is exploring the issue, and asking various ‘experts’ about why there is such a recruitment crises currently within the profession. For teachers, the reasons can be stark, so we commissioned this infographic with ten

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